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Skating Is Fun

Bored at home? What to try something new? Looking for a safe, family fun place in Northampton County?  Come skate with us.

Watch your family, friends or even come and reminisce. Spectators are always free.

We have skates available from baby size 8 to adult size 16  

We also have the Fisher Price skates that go over toddler shoes. It should be noted that these do not fit over boots and are not meant to be worn over sandals for safety.

Bushkill Park


Friday Night: 8 pm to 10 pm 

$7.00 for skaters

$2.00 to rent skates


Saturday Afternoon: 12 to 2 pm

Saturday Night: 8 pm to 10 pm 

$7.00 for skaters

$2.00 to rent skates 



Sunday Afternoon 12 pm to 2 pm 

$7.00 for skaters

$2.00 to rent skates

Games we Play.jpg
Four Corners.jpg

Four Corners

This game has a winner

Everyone skates until the music stops. When the music stops everyone has to go to one of the 4 corners. One designated person spins a wheel with four numbers. This person will call out a corner it landed on1-4. If your corner is called out, you are eliminated. Once there are only 4 people left the last spin will choose the winner. If you win then you get a FREE TICKET to come back again. 

Ghost Busters.jpg

Ghost Busters

This game does not have a winner, but you have to listen carefully to know what to do

When the song ghostbusters play you have to really listen to the lyrics. When the singer says "Ghost Busters" you have to turn around and skate in the other direction. Pay attention or you may just end up running into a friend of yours.



This game has a winner. How low can you go?

Two people hold either end of a stick.  The skaters will take turns going under the stick without touching the stick, bending their knees, and leaning as far forward as necessary. No hands may touch the floor. Whoever goes the lowest on their skates without hitting the limbo stick or falling is the winner. The winner will get a ticket to come back again.

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