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Bushkill Park History

In 1933, Thomas “Pop” Long (1885–1965) leased Bushkill Park, furnishing it with a hand-carved carousel that he and his father had purchased. Pop Long bought the park in 1939 and operated it for the rest of his life with his wife, Mabel "Mom" Long. After his death, Mom operated it with Melvin Heavener until he died in 1986 and then alone until she died in 1989. Since 1989 there have been various owners, partners, and leasers of Bushkill Park. In mid-2019, Sammy Baurkot completed his acquisition and is now the sole owner of Bushkill Park and Grove. 


Bushkill Park is famous for its antique rides such as bumper cars, "The Whip", "The Haunted Pretzel", and "The Bar'l of Fun." The park has operated two vintage carousels over the years, however, the carousel building collapsed in 2014. Bushkill Park is home to the United States of America's oldest funhouse, Hilarity Hall (Bar’l of Fun).

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