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Pavilion and Picnic Party and Event Rentals

Need to get the whole gang together to make some new memories?  Bushkill Park and Grove is the perfect group event venue to accommodate any size group and have a blast at the same time!

Whether it’s a birthday party, a reunion, a church event, or anything in between, Bushkill Park has something for everyone to enjoy, including a few adult rides the whole family can enjoy and kiddy rides (with more on the way). We occasionally have live shows at our bandstand and special events (check out our event page) and more.

No celebration is complete without fantastic food, and our food packages are amazing, but no worries, they are not required.

Bushkill Park and Grove have several pavilions for you to use and rent.

Why Rent A Pavilion?

Renting a pavilion has a few perks. For example, you have a place to keep all your belongings while you spend time in the park.

You have a place to gather with family and friends to sit, relax and enjoy your time out of the sun.

All pavilion rentals come with a discounted ticket price to use on all rides.

How To Book A Pavilion?

To book a Pavilion for your event call Sue on the Bushkill Park phone 610-258-6941 or on her cell phone 610-905-7693


How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Pavilion?

  • 1-25 people for $25 for the first hour

  • 26-50 people for $50 for the first hour

  • 51-75 people for $75 for the first hour

  • 76-100 people for $100 for the first hour


If you want additional hours it is only $25 per hour regardless of the size of your group.

Do you want to book a pavilion or event with more than 100 guests? We can make this happen. Please call Sue for additional information. You can call Sue on the Bushkill Park phone 610-258-6941 or on her cell phone at 610-905-7693

Will You Have The Pavilion To Yourself Or With Other Guest?

We will never book more than one party in your pavilion. It is yours and yours alone for as long as you require it.

How Long Do You Have The Pavilion Space For?

You have it for at least 1 hour then it is an additional $25 per hour after. There is no time limit on how many additional hours you can use the space.

What Time Can You Use Your Pavilion?

You can use the pavilion from open to close and any time in between that works best for you.


Is There Power In The Pavilions?

Each pavilion does have at least one outlet. If you plan to use power bring a heavy-duty extension cord or power strip for best results.

Can We Bring Our Own Food To Bushkill Park If We Rent A Pavilion?

Yes, but no glass or alcohol. Bring any food you would like, coolers are also welcome. Bushkill Park and Grove does offer party packages. Using our food packages allows you to simplify your picnic. Many guests bring snacks, salads, and desserts and order one of our packages.

What Are The Party Food Packages?

Food packages can be mixed and matched to your specific needs. They are available for additional rates:

  • Ice Cream Package

  • Hotdog Package

  • Hamburger Package

  • Pizza Package

  • Popcorn Package


Are There Charcoal Grills Available At Bushkill Park And Grove?

There are no charcoal grills. You can however bring a gas grill or flat top griddles.


Can I Drive To Our Rental Pavilion?

Yes, someone will help direct you to where you can drive to drop things off. We do ask that you and your guest park in the main parking lot during your party/event. There are no fees to use our parking lot.

Still Have Questions?

Do not hesitate to call for more information. Call Sue on the Bushkill Park phone 610-258-6941 or on her cell phone 610-905-7693

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