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A 1928 C.W. Parker County Fair Style Carousel

This carousel measures 35 feet in diameter and 20 feet high. This is one of the last 15 carousels made by CW Parker of Leavenworth, Kansas. The carousel horses, sweeps, and mechanics are all original and authentic. The carousel features 20 metal horses that have been restored and painted in 1992. There are 2 rows of horses, which are all William Mangels jumpers, which move front to back in a galloping motion. This carousel also includes 2 carriages. The rounding board artwork is by Charles Walker (The late Charles Walker was a renowned carousel historian based in the US.) The carousel was previously owned by a prominent pediatric orthodontic dentist near Atlanta. He had this carousel on display (housed in a separate building) next to his dental office and operated it 4 to 5 times annually for patient parties and charity events. Previous to the last owner the carousel was owned by Derby State Shows. It was part of a traveling show that traveled the Midwest. Currently, we are outfitting the carousel with a canopy from Kaplan Awning and a new floor. Please stay tuned for a date and time of the grand opening for this nearly 100-year-old treasure...almost as old as Bushkill Park itself!

Newest Ride At Bushkill Park 2023

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